A staple of almost any heat exchanger production operation is the Roll Forming Fin Mill also known as a Fin Mill.  If you produce heat exchangers with fins that can be roll formed, you take advantage of the robust and highly productive operation of a Fin Mill.  These high speed machines can produce high quality fin at a high rate when combined with quality tooling.

IA has been producing fin mills since the inception of the company.  We have even produced some special mills for embossed and synchronized fins.  Recently, IA has acquired all of the designs of the Livernois Engineering line for roll formers.  When combined with the special machines that IA already had in our lineup, we now have the most comprehensive line of roll formers available in the market.

Fin Mills Support For Livernois Machines

We continue to develop and support our new machines as well as having the capability of supporting the numerous fin mills that had been produced as Livernois machines over the last 60 plus years.  Combined with the history of tooling that has been produced for these machines, we can offer an optimal solution for any roll forming fin application.  In addition, we also rebuild existing fin mills of all kinds.

At the center of our product line is our Agile Fin Mill.  This system is more of a lineup of various machines as opposed to a specific model.  Most importantly, it can be configured and re-configured on the factory floor to meet both the current and future needs of any fin manufacturing application.  In its most basic format, the Agile Fin Mill can produce simple fins at low volumes.  In its advanced format, the Agile Fin Mill can run at high rates and produce fin as well as any system available in the market today.  The beauty of this system is that it can grow with your operation.  As needed, it can be converted from its simplest form to a more complex version, all on your heat exchanger production floor, without having to buy a new fin mill due to increased requirements.

Fin Mill Rebuild

Fin Mill Rebuild

We look forward to learning more about your application to determine what type and style of fin mill fit best with your application.