Better Together

The calendar year 2018 saw the coming together of three long-tenured heat exchange companies into one ownership group. Each brings extensive, distinctive, and specialized heat exchange experiences to be benefited by all. Each company will continue to operate out of their current design, engineering, and manufacturing facilities locations. All will benefit by combining into their respective companies the combined industry leading experience from all three. Regardless of the project, the coming together of these three heat exchange companies means 140 years of industry-leading experience will be assigned to your project.

Innovative Automation | Livernois Engineering | Tridan International | – BETTER TOGETHER

Innovative Automation, the parent company, is a Romulus, Michigan based company founded in 2000, Innovative Automation has largely focused on the design & engineering of developing best in class reciprocating stamped machinery presses for heat exchange. In addition to its industry-leading supply of fin presses, Innovative Automation also supplies core builders, fin pylers, fin trayers, fluxing lines, tube stuffers, tooling, and more.

Innovative Automation is an engineering-driven organization with design, engineering (electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering) all represented within the framework of the company.

Every manufactured product is unique, every manufacturing operation is unique, although this statement seems obvious, only a company like Innovative Automation understands the importance and implications of these words. Innovative Automation designs, engineers, and builds to ensure we emphasize quality, maximize efficiencies, and most of all create value for our customers. This can’t be accomplished from a catalog of products; it requires a unique solution for each unique application.

In addition to their broad-based heat exchange experience, Innovative Automation also works in designing & engineering machines outside of the standard heat exchange industry for a wide variety of industries. Product offerings include specialized controls, assembly systems, feeding, and cutting, robotics, swaging, roll forming, sawing, wing bending to mention a few. Regardless of the market, segment or industry, Innovative Automation takes pride in its abilities to supply Unique Solutions for Unique Applications.

Innovative Automation | Livernois Engineering | Tridan International – BETTER TOGETHER

Livernois Engineering was acquired by Innovative Automation in May 2018, Livernois Engineering is now a Romulus, Michigan based company founded in 1949. Livernois Engineering has been the recognized name in heat exchange technology for 70 years. Livernois Engineering is well known and respected in the industry for its roll form heat exchange fin mills. With their advanced designs, engineering, and production of roll form tooling, both standard, and XFR1, coupled with its industry-leading fin mills, Livernois Engineering is again a market-leading name in the heat exchange industry. In addition to its cutting-edge roll form tooling and fin mills Livernois Engineering also supplies core builders, trayers, form rolls, tube mills, and automation lines for assembling, finishing, crimping, testing, and labeling.

Livernois Engineering is too an engineering-driven organization which is why some key past associates are back and part of the new Better Together Livernois Engineering.

Livernois Engineering equipment is recognized worldwide for its quality and durability. Livernois Engineering’s products and services are used to produce radiators, heaters, condensers, evaporators, oil coolers, and other heat exchangers made by the world’s leading OEM and aftermarket manufacturers.

Livernois Engineering | Innovative Automation | Tridan International – BETTER TOGETHER

Tridan International was acquired by Innovative Automation in October 2018, Tridan International is a Danville, IL based company founded in 1966. Tridan has been the leading-edge supplier of flat fin technologies for the global heat exchange industry for over 50 years. With a strong commitment to designing and engineering flat fin press that are superior in durability, dependability, coupled with best in class service and support, Tridan International has earned its leading position in the heat exchange industry.

Tridan International also supplies its fin presses for high volume, medium volume, and low volume, a press to fit your specific manufacturing need with each being individualized to fit your specific products. Along with supporting equipment like die carts, fin stock dollies, and fin stock threaders. In addition to its leading-edge flat fin presses and accessories Tridan International also supplies tube fabrication machinery, including straighteners, end formers, return benders, elbow benders, dual 90-degree and hairpin benders, piercing, brazing, un-coilers, sawing, coil expansion, horizontal & vertical, micro channel tube processing cut to length, and specialty lubricants for all the above and more…

Tridan International is too an engineering driven organization and today all its main engineering associates are still part of the new Better Together Tridan International.

Tridan International has provided top-quality coil manufacturers leading-edge machinery solutions for over 50 years. Tridan International is well known for proving its customers equipment & machinery that will provide decades of durability, dependability, exceptional service and support along with a strong ROI for its customers.

Tridan International | Innovative Automation | Livernois Engineering – BETTER TOGETHER