Rollforming is a method of using rotating dies to perform metal forming.  Rollforming consists of the continuous and progressive bending of the metal until the desired shape is achieved.  This highly productive method of forming is often used for tubular shaped components from automotive, to furniture, to aerospace application.

At Innovative Automation, we have always leveraged our knowledge and experience in rollforming for a variety of products.  We have completed relative simple metal bending rollformers and have specialized in rollforming for the heat exchange industry.

These specialized rollforming applications typically take on two different applications.  The forming of tubes and shapes and also the forming of heat exchanger fin.  With respect to heat exchanger fin, rollforming is a proven high speed method of producing quality fin in a progressive fashion.  For Innovative Automation, the key to roll forming is a combination of the tooling as well as the electronic controls required for these servo driven applications.