If your manufacturing process includes metals of any kind, you are probably doing some form of stamping.  This is the single most fundamental process for forming and shaping metals.  It can be used in trimming, piercing, punching, and a variety of other configurations all providing reliable means for making metals do what we want them to do.

At IA, we don’t manufacture standard presses.  There are plenty of very good press manufactures that we work with and can recommend for mainstream applications.  Instead, we focus on integrating the capabilities of the press with the tooling and the rest of the manufacturing process.  We have completed projects with very small benchtop presses and with very large presses as well.  We have worked with press stamping applications that are independent and with applications that utilize the press for notching as is often done as a pre-process for roll forming.

We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers on their stamping processes and integrating the best solution for the given application.