Robots have been involved in practical manufacturing applications for many years.  The have long proven their utility in hazardous and difficult applications.  More recently, the capabilities and performance of these units has grown exponentially while the cost to implement robotic cells has decreased significantly

At Innovative Automation, we take a holistic approach to the use of robots.  We consider them to be tools just like any other electrical or mechanical mechanism.  They are highly capable tools but they are tools nonetheless.  When the evaluation of an application dictates that the use of robotic systems will provide value based upon their capabilities and their cost, we will use them.  When the cost to implement them is not practical for an application or their high level of capability is simply not necessary, we will recommend the use of simpler manipulators instead.  In this manner, we have been integrating robotics since our inception on projects as warranted.

The key to utilizing robots is understanding their capabilities and determining how to seamlessly integrate them with the remainder of the manufacturing process.  If they are considered tools and not the process itself, the means of coordinating them to take advantage of their tremendous capabilities becomes apparent.  At Innovative Automation, not only do we have the expertise to control the robot but we also have the experience to integrate them into a complete manufacturing cell.