Wing Benders
Servo Wing Bender
Precise Wing Control
At Innovative Automation we get opportunities to work on a wide variety
of manufacturing systems.  We take great pride in developing unique
systems for our customers' unique applications.  One system that we can
modify and tune to meet specific requirements of a customer is our Wing
Bender.  These systems are designed to meet the application needs of
our customer.  These wing benders are a fundamental part of appliance
manufacturing as well as other processes.
If your oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, or other appliance application has
unique requirements, allow us to consider how our wing benders may be
a fit for your application.

We have developed high speed systems that punch out a large amount of
product, highly agile systems that change product dimensions with the
touch of a button, as well as the ancillary components required prior to
and after the bending operations.