Special Machines
From Small....
....To Large Cells
One of the benefits of being an engineering company is that we have an
experienced staff of engineers that allow us to take on special projects.  
In fact, we prefer special projects.  These are unique opportunities to
work in cooperation with our customers to achieve systems that meet the
demands of an application with a solution uniquely engineered to that
application.  We specialize in projects that improve the capacity,
performance, and efficiency of existing systems.  We also have the
experienced staff that allows us to work with our customers on new
manufacturing challenges as well.

If you have a new project, product, or process to manufacture in the
future, do not hesitate to involve Innovative Automation in the project
from the onset.  We never regret getting involved very early in the
project cycle.  Often we will provide our engineering services free of
charge to support the manufacturing specification of new applications.
We have developed special machines for transporting dies, coating
tubes, cutting strips, assembling nuts, stamping blanks, and a huge
variety of other applications.

Do not hesitate to give us a shot at supporting your unique application
requirements.  We love a challenge and look forward to developing
systems that have never been attempted before.