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Our commitment to unique manufacturing solutions stems for our belief
that your manufacturing challenges and processes are unique.  You
deserve manufacturing solutions developed specifically for these unique
challenges.  We can offer this type of service because of our highly
diversified and experienced engineering staff.  We were founded by
engineers, run by engineers, and staffed by engineers.  We have
experience in Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical manufacturing
systems.  Few companies can boast the breadth of engineering talent
ready to work on your projects.

You will constantly hear us talk about model mix and volumes.  
Unfortunately most machine tool suppliers have a catalog that was
defined back when model mix was low and volumes were high.  We
understand that the current environment of high model mix of low
volume is a complete change in requirement and must be met with a
complete change in manufacturing philosophy.  You don't need catalog
solutions, you need engineered solutions.  That is what we do.

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areas in which we serve Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Commercial
Appliance, Medical, and numerous other industries.