Equipment Rebuilds
Often the best option for your manufacturing requirements is to rebuild
existing equipment.  Older machinery often has many years of productive
service remaining in its mechanics and basic systems.  With a mechanical
rebuild of shafts, bearings, and replacement of electronic controls, a
machine can readily last another production lifetime.

As an example, the system below was received by IA for potential rebuild.  
Despite the desperate look of the system, all of the necessary
components existed to allow for a rebuild.
We replaced and refurbished all of the mechanical components on the
machine.  We also developed brand new state of the art controls to
operate the machine.  The end result was a ready for production machine
that will run another 10 years of productive service.  All this at less than
half the cost of a new machine.
If you have existing equipment that would make for a potential rebuild, we
would be happy to evaluate the system and provide you with a proposal
for the rebuild of the system.

For more information on the Roll Form Fin Mills that we have rebuilt in
the past, please click on the following link for our rebuild brochure.

Innovative Automation, Inc. Fin Mill Rebuilds