Quality Systems
....To Force
Every day the manufacture of a quality product becomes more important
to a manufacturer.  To remain competitive, a product of higher and higher
quality must be continually produced.  Not only do customers demand
quality, but manufacturers can no longer afford substandard quality.

Over the years, Innovative Automation has been able to develop several
quality control systems for our customers.  These applications can range
from vision systems to force transducers to measurement systems.  Not
only do we have the capability of developing systems to monitor quality,
but we have the cross functional engineering expertise to allow the data
to be fed back to the process.

If you really want to improve quality, you need to collect real time data and
feed it back into the process.  This type of system helps to close the loop
on quality and ensures that processes remain stable and in control.  Only
a manufacturing engineering company with Electrical, Chemical, and
Mechanical Engineering expertise can provide a complete solution that
improves the effectiveness of your operations.