Reciprocating Fin Folding Presses (Reciprocating Fin Machine)
SMRP18 Fin Press
Stamped Fin Profiles
New technologies for heat exchange and their application to projects
from Automotive to Aerospace to Electronics have significantly increased
the demand for Folded Fin capability.  We have designed the SMRP18
Servo Mechanical Reciprocating Press to help meet this demand.
robinson fin
Often referred to as a Reciprocating Fin Machine, the SMRP18 represents
the first attempt to integrate modern electronics and technology with a
classic mechanical system.  The result is higher levels of production with
higher quality and increased flexibility and setup capacity.  This fin folding
machine is the state of the art.
Like all of our specific purpose products, the SMRP18 was designed with
the IA philosophy for agility in mind.  Servo electronics have been
developed for this system to make it the easiest machine available today
to changeover and set up in production.
The SMRP18 has been designed with quality in mind.  Linear profile
bearings have been used to replace rods to improve precision and
speed.  This is not your grandfathers stamping press.  This is a precision
machine designed specifically for todays' reciprocating press

If your heat exchange, heat sink, or general folded fin application
requires the best manufacturing process, the SMRP18 is the right tool for
the job.  No other fin folding device allows for the precision and flexibility
offered by the Innovative Automation SMRP18.  
The SMRP18 from Innovative Automation, Inc. has been designed to set a
new standard for production in reciprocating fin presses.

For more information, click below to download our SMRP18 Brochure.

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