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We take great pride in our ability to engineer solutions directly for our
customers' applications.  There are however occasions where a specific
purpose line of equipment is required.  Roll Form Fin Mills for the heat
exchange industry are a great example.  Be certain, however, that we still
apply our philosophy of model mix and volume to even our specific
purpose equipment.  Instead of a line of fin mills from low volume to high
volume, why not a single fin mill built in modules that allows the machine
to grow from low volume to high volume as you needs develop?  That is
why we created the Agile Fin Mill.
Different applications require different capabilities from a fin mill.  For
instance, an HVAC application with long fin lengths requires top end mill
speed but low cutoff rates.  An automotive heater application requires
very high cut rates but reasonable mill speeds.  So why have traditional
mill suppliers forced the same machine into both of these applications?
The Agile Fin Mill from Innovative Automation, Inc. has been designed to
be modular allowing for future upgrades and modifications on your plant
floor.  Why invest capital on a high volume machine when your production
demand calls for a low volume machine today?  What if your base low
volume system could be upgraded on your floor to increase speed and
productivity when you needed it?  You do not invest in inventory for
product you know you will not ship until next year, so why would you
invest in mill capacity you will not need until the future?  Invest when it is
required to meet the growing demands of your production.

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