Design Engineering
Simple Systems....
....To Complex Cells
If your project requires design engineering capabilities, we would
welcome the opportunity to work with you.  Although we routinely take on
a larger scope for a project than design alone, we gladly take on these
assignments.  Often these projects are modifications to an existing
system such as changing the existing system to run new models of a
product.  We also provide design resources for fixtures and tools which a
customer may have the capability and capacity to design, but does not
have the capacity to engineer.

Like all of the systems that we design internally and for use of our
customers, our designers work with 3D Cad models.  We have developed
a reputation for completing very intricate and thorough designs from
critical tools to simple fixtures.  If your company requires design
assistance, do not hesitate to give us a try.  At Innovative Automation, we
look forward to leveraging our extensive design experience for your