Core Building and Ancillary Heat Exchange Equipment
Simple Core Builder
Agile Core Builder
Core Builders are typically a specific purpose product for most
companies supplying to the heat exchange manufacturing market.  At IA,
this critical manufacturing system is a special purpose machine.  We have
provided a variety of core builders to this market from simple manual
machine to automatic building systems.  We have provided systems to
assembly cores as small as automotive heaters to coils for large HVAC
applications.  Most importantly, we design the system to meet the unique
requirements of the application and we apply our agile manufacturing
philosophy.  Need a system that can build a high volume dedicated
product; we can build it.  Need a system that can build a high model mix of
a variety of designs; we can build it.
As important as a core builder may be to your production requirement,
often the gap between the production of fin and the assembly into the
core builder is mis-applied.  For some applications it make sense to
automatically feed fins into the core builder.  For other applications, this
link actually hinders that ability to produce a high model mix.

We engineer a total manufacturing system to meet the requirements of
your specific application.  We have produced a variety of methods for
transferring and handling fin.  We find that this often forgotten
component can make the difference between a productive system and a
non productive system.
Let us evaluate your application's model mix and volume requirements.  
This information will help us to configure the optimal system for meeting
your application requirements.