Controls Engineering
From PLC's....
....To Servo Control
In order to provide functional manufacturing systems, you have to have
an in-house staff to develop and support controls technologies.  We
consider controls engineering development to be a fundamental
competency of Innovative Automation.

Often we work with our customers on projects where they have existing
or have designed new tools and mechanical systems.  They may be very
capable of handling the mechanical aspects of these projects internally,
but do not have the experienced resources necessary to complete the
controls.  We welcome the opportunity to perform controls design,
engineering, or programming for your projects.

Our experienced staff is capable of handling a large variety of projects
from simple circuits to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to
Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) to servo motion control.  We
have also worked with a variety of controls hardware and software
vendors. Not only can we support your existing systems, but we can help
recommend hardware platforms for control of future systems.