From Small....
....To Large Cells
We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers in a consultation
capacity.  Our experienced engineering staff has performed several
consultation only assignments from Kaizen events to Design for
Manufacturing or DFM projects.

Our ability to draw upon our years of experience working on process flow
and manufacturing technologies make us a practical option for assistance
on your engineering projects.  With significant industry experience in
Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering, we are uniquely
qualified to assist on your development projects.

Although most traditional machine tool companies hesitate to work in a
consulting capacity, we welcome the opportunity.  Frankly, most
traditional suppliers do not have the direct manufacturing experience to
be effective consultants.  In an effort to form long term partnerships with
our customers, we look forward to working in any capacity in which we
may leverage our expertise and experience.  The sooner we can be
involved in a project, the more readily we can leverage our internal
resources to help make you more efficient and productive.