About Innovative Automation, Inc.
We were founded with a commitment to provide top notch engineering
services to manufacturing companies.  Throughout our history we have
constantly worked with an understanding of the importance of this
commitment.  We firmly believe that manufacturing is the lifeblood of all
other economic activities.  As such, it is critically important to constantly
stretch and improve manufacturing capabilities.

We are a manufacturing engineering company made up entirely of
manufacturing engineers.  Every member of our organization has
significant manufacturing experience that can be leveraged to assist in
the improvement of the operations of our customers.
About Innovative Automation, Inc.
Romulus Facility
We do not provide a catalog of systems that we force your application to
match.  Your requirements are unique from any other manufacturer,
especially your competition.  Why would you want a catalog solution?  
Prior to founding IA we spent many years in the traditional machine tool
supply industry.  Those companies, although progressive and technically
astute, executed business models that require that they repeat systems
over and over in order to become profitable.  As such they must stuff a
customers application into one of their existing machines.  IA is
structured to allow us to produce application specific solutions at costs
that are at or below those of the "catalog machine suppliers".

Your applications are unique.  Allow us to provide a solution engineered
to your specific application.  Contact us to discuss your unique
manufacturing challenges:  


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